Sunday Morning Services

Traditional Worship: 9:00 am

Praise Worship Service: 11:05 am

By Rev. Robert Braudt, Lead Pastor, River Hills UMC

Life is full. If you’ve been around me, you’ve probably heard me share this reflection when asked, “How are you doing, Pastor?”. This is often followed by, “The Lord doesn’t give me an extra dollar or an extra minute, so I have to make good with what I’ve got.” I don’t always accomplish the “good” part.

Sometimes I try to squeeze too much in and I run out of time and money. Sometimes I spend too much time doing things when if only I had asked for a little help, I could have fit more “good” into those minutes.

Sometimes I try to squeeze more out of a dollar and compromise on the quality, and the “good” comes up short. Have you ever had to spend more when you did not have time to take advantage of that special offer? Or maybe the convenience of a drive-thru felt like a necessity because you simply ran out of time? I know I’m not alone.

I give thanks for the full life I’ve been given: the people, the opportunities, the blessings and the joys. It’s good to step back a bit, and November is a perfect month to do it. The seasons are changing. Thanksgiving gives us a great excuse to reflect. I’m going to do my best to listen to my own advice this month.

For the first time in a number of years, I will get a chance to return to the place where God called me into ministry 28 years ago right around this time of year. It was also this time of year seven years ago that God called me back into ministry and I ended up being appointed to River Hills. If it weren’t for Pastor Allison joining our staff, it would have been difficult to take a vacation at this time of year. I give thanks for her willingness to come alongside of us to be in ministry. And I give thanks for the people of River Hills UMC who have made that possible by their tithes and offerings. Thank you.

Now take some time for yourself to consider your answer to the question, “How are you doing?” May you find the blessing of that reflection in the fullness of your life.