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Confessions: Cleaning Up Our Messes in 2018

I have a confession to make. So … this is my desk.

No excuses. It’s a mess. Most of you have never seen my desk. It is quietly tucked back at the end of the office hallway. My desk is never neat and clean. Some say that it’s a sign of a creative mind. Others are a bit more critical. There was a time when I served at another church in Minnesota where literally a battle took place between those who wanted to justify and those who wanted to rectify the condition of my desk. In good Minnesotan fashion, it was done passively. People began taping articles and advice columns on my office door to help. Instead of removing them, I decided to let them accumulate. Pretty soon, a half dozen or more articles hung on my door. One was a recipe for organization. Another was a reminder that not everyone organizes in the same way. One suggested a clean desk at the end of the day was a sign of productivity and another made the argument that keeping things in front of you allowed for you to keep more balls in the air. The door took on a life of its own and many found the quiet battle rather amusing.

I knew one thing. If I kept my door closed, I was the only one who had to deal with my mess. But it’s hard to live with your door closed all the time. There is a time when we have to deal with our mess. The day is coming soon for my desk, because I can no longer tolerate it.

A messy desk is easy to see. Messy lives can be easier to hide. Messy relationships can be put off to another day. Messy financial situations can be the private anchor that weighs people down. Messy addictions are easier to ignore around other addictive people. Messy spiritual lives are pretty easy to live with when life is going well.

Maybe the New Year is a time for you to think about cleaning up whatever mess you are in. It may never be neat and clean, but a little attention goes a long way. It may still appear to be a mess to others after order is restored in your own eyes. Part of cleaning house spiritually is paying more attention to looking through God’s eyes and not the opinions of others. God likes turning chaos into creation. May the New Year bring a little order to the messy places in your life.