Sunday Morning Service Times

Traditional Worship: 9:00 am

Praise Worship Service: 11:05 am

Are You a Spectator or a Player?

Does anyone else find November to be challenging? It’s almost the end of the year, but it’s not. We have
All Saints Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving; all are potentially emotion-packed holidays. Election days come and go. In the church, it’s the time when budgets and pledges collide. The last push to finish up the things of 2017 begins to press down, and it marks the halfway point if programs run September to May. And let’s not forget the falling back an hour of the clock that simply accentuates that the days are getting shorter. What does November hold for you?

And then one day you get a note that lifts your spirits. For me, this one came from Al Shimp. It was an email with a link to 90-second video. While I could guess why he sent it, I can tell you how I received it. It was a breath of fresh air; a reminder of why our work as the church is important and relevant. I encourage those of you who receive this electronically to click on this link before you read any further: com/watch_popup?v=YjntXYDPw44& sns=em.  For those of you who are reluctant or unable to follow the link, a professor from the Harvard Business School shares briefly about what he learned from a Marxist economist who was visiting as part of a Fulbright fellowship about the role of religion in a democracy. My takeaway is that religion makes us not only accountable to a higher authority than government, but gives us positive motivation to live in community. Government cannot make us want to work together for the common good. The closing comment is that without God, the government cannot hire enough police to get the job done. And I think it’s more than police and government. Faith calls us to responsibility and accountability, not only on our good days, but on tough days … or tough months.

While it’s too early to plant, and much of the harvest is completed up north, may November be fruitful, and may each of us be reminded of the important work of which we are an integral part.

Remember These Events
on Sunday, Nov. 12

 All Saints Sunday will be celebrated during worship.

Recognition of Veterans Day will be celebrated with a special coffee hour between services honoring all those who have served and/or supported their family members in service.

Pledge Sunday. We are asking all members to consider making a financial pledge to the church for 2018. This allows our leadership to properly plan for the upcoming year. Please bring your pledge card this Sunday if you have not already dropped it off.

Cluster Conference hosted by RHUMC from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Churches from the surrounding area will come together for an opportunity to worship together and then gather in church groups to discuss and/or approve our Nominations Report, Membership Report, and Pastoral Compensation Report. Please join us for this time together.