Sunday Morning Service Times

Traditional Worship: 9:00 am

Praise Worship Service: 11:05 am

Hugs are for sharing! And so are the prayer shawls so graciously created by our wonderful Prayer Shawl Ministry. The members of this group want to spread the word that anyone is welcome to choose a shawl and take it home to enjoy.

“We want everyone in the congregation to know that anyone can take a prayer shawl home with them,” said Leslie Anderson, who leads RHUMC’s Prayer Shawl Ministry team. “They are not just for someone who is hospitalized or recovering from an illness.”

The shawls are on display in the Narthex by the top of the staircase.
Anyone is invited to simply choose the shawl they would like. There are many different sizes, styles, and color options which appeal to men as well as women and young people, too! Prayer scarves are also available. Everyone could use some extra warmth, especially at this time of year. The shawls and scarves are made with love and genuine concern for the person who will eventually be using them. Consider it a hug from a church friend.

“I hope people will consider taking a shawl for themselves or to share with a friend or family member,” said Leslie. She added that there is a practically “never-ending supply”, as all she has to do is get the word out to the ladies who are part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry and more shawls soon appear.

Check it out the next time you are at the church and wrap yourself in a warm embrace. You’ll be glad you did!

“May this shawl enfold you in
warmth, comfort, healing, and peace.”

                                                        — RHUMC Prayer Shawl Ministry

By Lori Bergsten, The Herald Newsletter Editor