All are welcome on the first Sunday of each month to share in the celebration of Holy Communion.  By breaking the bread and sharing the cup, we remember Jesus and the forgiveness he offered us.  You need not be a member, nor do you need permission or approval to share in this celebration.  After a time of prayer, the pastor will invites everyone who would like to receive communion on how communion will be served that day.

Everyone is welcome to come forward, but no one should feel any pressure if the time is not right for them.  Communion is served to people of all ages, with grape juice being served in the cup.  A gluten-free option is always available.  If persons are unable to come forward, simple indicate to an usher that you would like to receive communion, and the servers will bring it to you toward the end of the celebration.  We also invite our members to bring communion to those who are unable to come to church on Sunday mornings.  If you would like to receive communion and are unable to come to worship, please call our office at 952-890-2515 and you will be included the next time communion is brought out into the community.