Confirmation is process where youth confirm the statements of faith made at baptism.  Most of our youth were baptized as infants.  The statements of faith were made on their behalf by people that love them dearly.  Confirmation is a time of study, reflection, and experiential learning to prepare youth to claim and proclaim a faith of their own.  The confirmation process at River Hills begins in either the 8th or 9th grade year and last for approximately 12 months.

Youth have the opportunity to explore their faith and articulate what they believe.  The exploration process includes learning more about scripture, the story of Methodism, how the church functions, and to begin wrestling with questions of faith that will be a part of their journey throughout adulthood.  Retreats, group time, mentors, prayer partners, family, service projects, and field trips all play their role.  At the end of the process, each youth will compose a statement of faith that will be shared on a special Confirmation Sunday.  On that Sunday, they will also be given the opportunity to become members of the church.   The youth are asked to confirm, not to conform, and on that Sunday, the congregation will have the opportunity to affirm them wherever they may be at on their journey.